Tara Flores is an artist and mother of two. After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2007 she settled down in the Pacific Northwest and finds the artistic culture and creative community incredibly inspiring and supportive. Her focus since graduation has been on brightly colored, large-scale abstract paintings with scientific themes. Her work continues to evolve. She lives and works near Seattle, WA.  Read CV.

Interview on Artist Meets Mother with Jenna Michelle Pink: "Inspired by scientific theory the art of Tara Flores is brilliantly vibrant and filled with a sense of high energy. Each large scale canvas is covered with lines, shapes and dashes visually representing the experience of life and the beauty of science. A mother of two, Tara successfully balances her passion for art and her responsibilities as a parent enriching her life and the life of her children in the process, I find out how she does it in this Artist Meets Mother interview." Read full interview. 


Abstraction gets me. There’s an immediacy to it. You can't know what it is, what it “means” or what it is trying to convey for sure, but you feel it.

It works outside the bounds of language. It cuts through the struggles entangled inside the modern human condition by bringing you back to your soul. Reminding you of you. Steeping you in emotion, knowing and connection.

Even if you don’t “get it,” it gets you.

I tried for a long time to figure out abstract art before I realized that to understand it is to feel it. Emotion understands it, not intellect. Making these connections, to how we feel, how we think, what we want. Well, it's the whole point.


"When I step back from my sometimes chaotic and intermittent process, ideas about energy and movement- the very essential elements of existence- become clear. Over and over again, my work comes down to the movement of energy as emotion, in life, in death, as light, and as information. I imagine inner landscapes of our bodies, our cells, our psyches. I wonder how knowledge moves between membranes and how chemicals help us grieve. It’s this inner space that feels so tiny and mysterious and yet so all-encompassing that I want to explore.

I do this through abstraction because of its immediacy. I believe abstract art in particular, has an ability to move the energy in the viewer in an inexplicable and awe-inspiring way, creating an emotion without having to explain itself. It bypasses logic. You don’t need to figure it out or understand it, you just feel it. You don’t have to get it, it gets you. It’s a beautiful demonstration of the functioning of this Inner Space" -TARA FLORES