"At the Edge" 24x24
"Conservation of Self" 24x24
"Divergence" 24x24
"Here and There" 20x20
"Meeting Places" 20x20
"Outer Space" 20x20
"Spread Out and Float Away" 36x36
"Us and Them" 20x20
"This is Other" 36x36
"Inner Space" 20x20
"Limits and Lines" 24x24
"Me and You" 24x24
"And Make Visible" 10x10
"Found" 12x12
"Let it Go" 10x10
"Lost" 12x12
"Numb" 12x12
"Speak Up" 12x12
"The Depths" 12x12
"So Cold" 20x20
"With Distance" 10x10
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