Most artists will tell you that their artistic process is where the magic is.

It’s in the doing that the flow can happen. It’s in the choice-making and fear-facing that progress is born. It’s the creation of art that holds so much of art’s joy- and I want to share some of that with you. 

An artist feels differently about their art than on-lookers do. Like a mother and her child, mama knows that kid better than anyone. She knows the secrets. She was there through the struggles and the milestones, often leading the way and sometimes just along for the ride. I want everyone to have a chance to know art in this way, to be behind-the-scenes connected to the art they bring into their spaces.

That’s why I offer the chance to Document the Process when you commission a piece of art.


To help you connect to your artwork, i offer two ways to document the process. Choose one or both to get visual aids for the story you’ll tell about your art.

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Document The Process: updates

Get regular updates via combinations of behind-the-scenes in-progress photos, videos, sketches or notes texted directly to you, yours to keep. Feel free to comment and connect with me about what you see- what you like and don’t like- but most importantly, connect with the art that your intention brought into the world. At the end of the process you’ll not only have your custom original work of art, you’ll have collected a chronological series of visual updates on the creation process itself.

Price: $100

Add this service to your custom art project: Commission Price + $100


document the process: evidence

This is all the evidence without the updates. Instead of getting a combination of photos, sketches or notes periodically via text, you’ll receive everything in a printed photobook at the end of the commission process. Think of it as a bound history of the evolution of your art -like a picture book that helps you explain your art to your friends.

Price: $120

Add this service to your custom art project: Commission Price + $120