"I paint what I want this ultimate reality to look like. The beautiful, awe-inspiring energy of all that operates where science and spirituality meet. The boundaries, the membranes, the movement and scale of life. All of my work is about energy and movement- the essential elements of existence. It’s the movement of energy as emotion, in life, in death, as light, and as information. I visualize the peaks and valleys of emotion and imagine inner landscapes of our bodies, our cells, our psyches. I wonder how knowledge moves between membranes and how chemicals help us grieve. It’s this inner space that feels so tiny and mysterious and yet so all-encompassing that I want to explore."  -Tara Flores


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I'm Tara. I explore the intersection of art, science and spirituality. Right now that means making paintings but someday that may evolve. Because I love fiber art, textiles and the possibilities of mixed media. So, yes... someday... If I couldn't be an artist in this lifetime I'd want to be a quantum physicist, or flip houses. When I started art school I was a Fashion major. It's all creativity and it's all beautiful.

As you look around my digital home, if you have any questions, please email me at hello@taraflores.com or message me @tarafloresart on Instagram. I'm always up to meet for coffee so long as the babysitter agrees and I can have tea instead. 

Can't wait to meet you.